Add YuJa Video to Content Module

Add YuJa Video to Content Module

  1. Under Content, navigate to the module you wish to add your YuJa video.

  2. From within the module, click on Add Existing Activities, scroll down and click on YuJa Media QuickLink.

  3. Pull and drag the corner icon as shown here to expand the Media Chooser window.

  4. Highlight your video(s) you wish to upload, click on [Insert Content]. You can type in the name of the video in the Search field to find your video faster.

  5. Insert Content:

    • Insert one video, the video title will show up in the module.

    • Insert two or more videos at once, it will show up as Playlist within the module.

  6. In the Playlist, you can rename the playlist by clicking on the name.
    For this example, I renamed Playlist to Cool List.

  7. Scroll further down for more options to Add dates and restrictions, or to Add a grade item.

  8. Your YuJa videos should now show up in your module.