Customize Your Course Image

Course images are used for the My Courses Widget, the course image banner, and the D2L Pulse app.  When you customize your course image, it adds more personality to your course and makes it easier for your students to find in their course list.  D2L selects a default image for your course, and you have two options to change it:

  1. the Change Image link 
  2. the Course Offering Information screen

Change Image

To select an image from the D2L library:

  1. Click on the Options menu (three dots) on the course image and select Change ImageIdentifies Change Image
  2. On the Change Image screen, use the search field to find images that relate to your course.
  3. Hover over the image you want and click Use this Image to change the course image.Identifies Use this image button

Course Offering Information

The Course Offering Information page allows you to upload your own course image and display the image in a banner on the course homepage if you choose. To access the Course Offering Information screen, click on the Options menu on the course and select Course Offering Information.

Identifies Course Offering Information

To upload your own course image:

  1. Click the Browse button.
    Identifies Browse button
  2. Choose My Computer.
    Identifies My Computer
  3. On the next screen, either click the Upload button to browse for an image on your computer or drag an image into the box.
    Identifies Upload
  4. After your image has finished processing, click the Add button.
    Identifies Add button
  5. The image you uploaded will display under the Course Image heading back on the Course Offering Information screen. In order for the image you uploaded to appear as the course image, you must click the Save button at the bottom of the screen.
    Identifies Save button
NOTE: If you check the box for "Display the image in a banner on the course homepage," the course image you have either selected from the D2L library or uploaded from your computer will display as a banner inside your course.