Add a YuJa Video as a Direct Link into D2L

  1. Mouse over your video and click [More].

  2. Within the Media Details window, click on [Links] tab on the left, then click on the [Copy Direct Link] icon at the end of your video's Direct Link as shown. This will copy your video's direct link onto your clipboard.

  3. Paste [Ctrl+V] the link within a sub-module within your course, this is where you want students to access your video. You can create a sub-module through the [Add a sub-module] button in any Content module.

  4. Within a sub-module -> [New] -> [Create a Link].

  5. Name your video in the Title field.
    Paste the link from step (2) within the URL field, then click on [Create].

  6. Voila! Your YuJa video will now show up in your module as a functioning link.