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  1. File Conversion Tool

  2. File Conversion Tool

  3. File Conversion Tool

  4. File Conversion Tool

    As you are posting materials online, you may need to convert files from one format to another - for accessibility, pedagogical, or various other reasons. As an example, you may want to convert a PDF file to an MP3 so students can access the material...
  5. LockDown Browser & Monitor Dashboard - Settings

  6. How to Share Course Materials with Others

  7. How to Share Course Materials with Others

  8. How to Share Course Materials with Others

    How to Share Course Material through a Community Group Show Video Walkthrough The owner/sharer/coordinator of the course materials creates a community group, following the directions in Create a Community Group . This person is the Grou...
  9. Move Your Face-to-Face or Hybrid Course Online

  10. Webinar Trainings Archive

    Some of the webinar training sessions that are happening across the system are being recorded for those who could not be in attendance.  This page will be regularly updated with a list of recorded training sessions, organized by category. If...