Use Turnitin with Assignments

From the Edit Folder page, Turnitin® tab, you can set up Originality Reports. For instructions on accessing the Edit Folder page, see Edit an Assignment

From the Turnitin® tab, you can:

  • Enable detailed Originality Reports for assignment submissions
  • Control end-user visibility
  • Set the Originality Report's frequency
  • Select the sources to check the submission against
  • Determine if the current submission is added to the file index for new submissions to be checked against

Viewing the Turnitin Feedback Studio (GradeMark®) Options

  1. From the Turnitin® tab, select the Enable GradeMark® for this folder checkbox.
  2. From the Transfer area, select the appropriate radio button.
    • Automatically sync grades as Draft in Brightspace - Allows Grademark® to push grades to D2L automatically, but they will be in draft mode.
    • Manually sync grades as Draft in Brightspace - Requires you to push grades to D2L manually.
      Identifies transfer options; indicates Turnitin tab and Enable Grademark for this folder checkbox

Viewing Originality Check® Options

  1. When you enable GradeMark®, the Enable Originality Check® for this folder checkbox is automatically selected. Therefore, Turnitin® generates an Originality Report automatically.
    Indicates Enable Originality Check for this folder check box
    If you do not enable these options for this folder before students submit any papers, GradeMark® will not generate the originality reports for any submissions, even if you select the checkbox at a later date.

    You may clear the Originality Check® option and use only the Grademark® option, but you can not use only the Originality Check® option and not the Grademark® option.
  2. From the Display area, select the Allow learners to see Turnitin® similarity scores in their submission folder, if needed.
    Indicates Allow learners to see Turnitin similarity scores in their submission folder
  3. From the Frequency area, change the frequency of your Originality Reports.
    • Automatic originality checking on all submissions, which will put all student submissions through Turnitin®.
    • Identify individual submissions for originality checking, which will allow you to choose which students’ papers are sent through Turnitin®.
      Shows Screenshot of Originality Checking Frequency options
  4. Click the More Options in Turnitin® button. A window displays additional Turnitin® options. D2L displays the Title and Max Grade automatically, based on the information you entered for the assignment settings.
  5. Select the Allow submission of any file type checkbox to allow files that Turnitin® can’t read to be turned in. In this case, the files would be available for download, but would not be evaluated for originality.
    Shows More Option screen

Viewing Optional Settings

From the additional Turnitin® options window, click the Optional Settings link to display additional settings.

Setting Name
Setting Description
Submission Settings
Paper Repository
(Drop-Down List)

Allows students to submit papers to the standard paper repository. Leave this set to Standard paper repository unless you do not want Turnitin® to save the submissions to the repository.

Allow Submission of Any File Type
Allows students to submit any file type. With this option set to Yes, Turnitin® will check submissions for originality where possible. Submissions will also be available for download, and Grademark® feedback tools will be available where possible.

Allow Late Submissions

Defaults to Yes and you cannot change it. Please note, this setting will not change the dates you have set in your D2L assignment, and won’t change the acceptance of papers if you have put in both a due date and an end date to allow late papers.

Enable Grammar Checking Using ETS®e-rater®  Technology
Allow Turnitin®to check the grammar automatically. If you select this option, options display.

Attach a Rubric
If you have built rubrics inside Turnitin®, you can attach one to the assignment. These rubrics are totally separate from D2L rubrics.
Compare Against
  • Student Paper Repository
  • Current and Archived Web Site Content
  • Periodicals, Journals, and Publications
Select the options to compare assignments against.
Similarity Report
  • Originality Report Generation and Resubmissions
    (Drop-Down List)
  • Allow Students to View Originality Reports
  • Exclude Bibliographic Materials; Exclude Quoted Materials; Exclude Small Sources
  • Select an option from the drop-down list that determines how Turnitin® handles the Originality Report for multiple submissions.
  • Select this option to allow students to view their submissions.
  • Select the options to exclude from the Originality Report.
Additional Settings

Save These Settings for Future Use

Enables the settings you have made, so you do not have to go through and reset them for each assignment.

Manually Submitting Files for Originality Checking

If your assignment folder has Identify individual submissions for originality checking enabled, you need to submit file submissions for originality checking manually. 

This option is useful if you do not want to check every file submission for plagiarism but still want the ability to do so on a case-by-case basis.

  1. From the Properties tab on the New/Edit Folder page, select the Identify individual submissions for originality checking option.
    Shows Screenshot of Originality Checking Frequency Option
  2. From the Folder Submissions page, click thedecorationSubmit file for originality checking icon to the far right.
    Indicates Submit file icon

Viewing Originality Reports

From the Folder Submissions page, you can view Originality Reports. When a report is available, the status changes from In-Progress to a percentage rating, which indicates the level of matching content.

  • A lower percentage rating indicates the content is likely original and has not been copied.
  • A higher percentage rating indicates the content is likely not original and has been copied from another source.

Colors are associated with percentage:

Blue >= 0 and < 20%
Green >= 20 and < 40%
Yellow >= 40 and < 60%
Orange >= 60 and < 80%
Red >= 80 and <= 100%

Viewing an Originality Report for a Submission

To view the associated Originality Report, click the colored section beside the percentage rating. To access the Feedback Studio, click the pencil icon.

Indicates color-coded section or originality report

Opening Originality Reports

Two panes make up the Originality Report. 

  1. The right pane lists all of the matching sources, including the percentage of text that matches and a link to the online content. 
  2. The left pane displays the submission text using colored highlights to draw attention to the matching content.
NOTE: For more detailed help with Originality Reports, click the help link in the top-right corner of the report page within Turnitin®.

Indicates Originality Report Help icon

The following file types are compatible with Originality Check®:

MS Word (.doc, .docx)
PostScript (.eps)
HTML (.htm, .html)
Plain text (.txt)

OpenOffice Text (.odt)
WordPerfect (.wpd)
Acrobat (.pdf)
Rich text (.rtf)

A .pdf file must be a single file with highlightable text; Turnitin® will not accept .pdf image files, forms, portfolios, or documents containing multiple files.

If a file type is incompatible with Originality Check®, the Information icon displays instead of the percentage rating.

If you would like to use Turnitin from the website rather than through the integration with D2L, please contact VTAC.