Move Your Face-to-Face or Hybrid Course Online

Steps for Maintaining Instructional Continuity

Circumstances may arise that require Lone Star College to move many courses to an online format via D2L (Brightspace by Desire2Learn). We understand that emergency situations are not ideal circumstances for creating quality online instruction; however, we still need to provide support and opportunities for student success. LSC-Online offers the following suggestions as a foundation for faculty moving their face-to-face (FTF) or hybrid instruction to an online format.


Access and Training

Course Setup

What You Can Put In Your Course

As a resource to guide you, we recommend the Course Development Checklist and Syllabus Template page for suggestions about what to include in your online course.

Other Considerations & Resources

  • Make course content accessible – Make sure all types of learners benefit.
  • Online Faculty Handbook – Helpful printable guide for faculty new to teaching online.
  • Recommended Practices in Online Course Design and Delivery – Booklet on Lone Star College best practices with online learning including what to put in the syllabus and different online instructional techniques.
  • Share a course - Share a complete course or a "getting started" course template to keep courses in your department similar.
  • VTAC (this site) – The Virtual Teaching Assistance Center is “the manual” for using D2L at Lone Star College. It is where you will find the most how-to documents and forms to help troubleshoot your online course. It is also available from the VTAC Support link in the top navigation of D2L.
  • VLAC – The Virtual Learner Assistance Center is “the student manual” for using D2L at Lone Star College. Share this site with your students so they can get the “how-to” help they will need. It is also available for students from their VLAC Support link in the top navigation of D2L.

Course Activities and Assessments

Face-to-Face Activity

Online Alternative

Relevant Technologies

In-class lectures and presentations

Link to mini-lecture videos, audio files, and/or narrated presentations; or live lectures in synchronous mode via WebEx

TechSmith Knowmia



Library Streaming Videos



Small group discussions

Group discussions; or breakout sessions if using WebEx

D2L Groups

D2L Discussions

WebEx Breakout Sessions

Quizzes and Tests such as
 Scantron/multiple-choice/TF tests

Online quizzes with or without online proctoring options

D2L Create a Quiz

Convert a paper quiz using Respondus 4.0

Import a Publisher’s Testbank

Integrate a Publisher’s Site

Proctoring Options

Essay tests

Online quizzes; submitting digital files to an assignment folder

See options above for quizzes

D2L Assignment Folders


Content topics (Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Web Links, Video/Audio files)

D2L Content


In-class writing

Online discussions; journals; quizzes with essay questions; submitting digital files to an assignment folder

D2L Discussions

Private Discussions for Journaling

D2L Create a Quiz

D2L Assignment Folders

Group work

Group discussions; chat; submit digital files to a group assignment folder; or breakout sessions if using WebEx

D2L Groups

D2L Group Assignments

D2L Discussions

D2L Chat

Webex Breakout Sessions

Explain examples or assignments

Explain in the description field of a module or assignment folder; upload a file; create a rubric; or create an explanatory video

D2L Content

D2L HTML Editor


D2L Rubrics

TechSmith Knowmia

Assign papers

Submitting digital files to an assignment folder

D2L Assignment Folders

Require research at the library

Require online research at the library's website, incorporate online library instruction

Library Website

Library Services for Faculty

Hold office hours

Hold virtual office hours

Webex or phone

The above table is based on the University of Houston Downtown’s Keep on teaching at UHD. (2020, March 16).