Steps for Maintaining Instructional Continuity

These are steps to follow when an emergency prevents access to campus. See Using Instructional Technologies for Traditional Classroom Contingency Planning for more details, training and rationale. 

Course Setup

Merge secondary D2L courses, such as labs, into one course by Merging Course Sections.   


  • Amend the syllabus.Shows search box in iStar.
  • Email students about changes using LSCS email through the Class Roster in myLoneStar.
    • Search for [Class Roster] and [Email] in iStar Info & Help search box.
  • Place an announcement in the D2L Announcements widget.  
  • Email students via the D2L email.   
  • Create a General Questions discussion topic to answer students' questions and reduce the number of emails throughout the term.  

Lecture with D2L

  • Upload and publish content in D2L. Use the Content tool to make course files, such as your syllabus or course notes, available to students.  
    • Add Modules.         
    • Add Topics (content) to Modules.  
  • Create electronic copies of materials. Then upload materials for easy retrieval.
  • Record lectures using D2L Capture.  Instructors can use a headset and computer to easily record audio on top of their PowerPoint slides and store them in D2L Capture Central. 

D2L Gradebook

  • Create grade categories in D2L Grades.  
  • Create grade items in D2L Grades.    

Assignments & Exam Alternatives

  • Create assignments in your D2L course for submission of papers and projects.   
  • Create quizzes
  • Create discussions in your D2L course to facilitate discussion on a variety of topics.  

Get More Training

  • Go to myWorkshops through myLonestar for more information about ongoing training sessions, or go to for a calendar of upcoming training opportunities.
  • Determine if guidance to students regarding the use of alternative technologies is needed: D2L Resources for Students.