Create Groups

You can create group work areas for students with the Manage Groups tool and use groups to organize students’ work on projects and assignments.

Students can belong to multiple groups within the same course. For example, each student can simultaneously belong to a group for class projects, a group for special interest discussions, and a group for advanced students. Each group can have its own discussion forums and assignment folders. You can grade members of groups individually or as a team.

Creating a Group Category

Use categories to organize and manage related groups. For example, you can have a category for Assignment 1, Assignment 2, Seminars, Remedial Help, and Book Reviews.

NOTE: You must set up a category before you can set up groups.
  1. Click Collaboration on the navbar and choose Groups.
  2. On the Manage Groups page, click the New Category button.
    Identifies the New Category button. 
  3. Enter a Category Name and Description.
  4. Select an Enrollment Type from the drop-down list.
    Shows Enrollment Type options.  
  5. Depending on the chosen Enrollment Type, enter the Number of Groups to create and/or the Number of Users per group.
  6. Choose Groups Options under Advanced Properties. Depending on your Enrollment Type, you will see different group options. 
    • For Number of Groups or Number of Users:
      • Select Auto-Enroll New Users if you want to automatically enroll students to groups.
      • Select Randomize users in Groups if you want to randomly place students in groups. If this option is not chosen, students are placed alphabetically based on the classlist.
    • For Self-Enrollment types:
      • Set Self Enrollment Start Date if you want to prevent students from enrolling in a group before a certain date.
      • Set Self Enrollment Expiry Date if you want to prevent students from enrolling in a group after a certain date.
      • Select the sub option Allocate unenrolled users after Self Enrollment Expiry Date if you want D2L to assign students who are not already assigned a group after the expiry date.  
  7. Choose your Workspace options under "Additional Options:"
    Shows additional options.  
    • Select Set Up Discussion Areas if you want to associate discussion areas with the groups in the category.
    • Select Set Up Assignment Submission Folders if you want to associate assignments with the groups in the category.
  8. Click Save.
    • If you enabled Discussion Areas, you will need to select a forum and chose to either Create New Topic or Attach to an existing topic, which you select in the drop-down menu.
      Identifies Attach to Topic option choice. 
    • If you enabled Assignment Submission Folders, you will need to name the folder (e.g., Group Projects), and make selections such as Grade Item, Instructions, and Originality Report, just as you would with individual submission folders.  Click Create.
    • Click Done.

Creating a group

  1. On the Manage Groups page, click Add Group from the context menu of the category to create a group in.Shows group naming options.Indicates the category and identifies the Add Group menu item.
  2. Enter a Group Name if you do not want to use the default name provided.
  3. Enter a Group Code if you do not want to use the default group code provided.
  4. Enter a Description for the group.
  5. Click the Save button.