Create a Discussion Topic

Discussion topics are available for students to post threads and reply to one another. All discussion topics must be located in a discussion forum.

To Create a Discussion Topic:

  1. Click on Collaboration on the navbar and choose Discussions.
  2. Click on the New button and choose New Topic.
    Image shows where to find New Topic link.
  3. Choose a forum to put the topic in. (See Create a Discussion Forum.)
  4. Give the topic a title, and a description. The description will serve as the instructions for the students on the prompt for the discussion and how to participate.
  5. Choose which options you'd like to implement.
    Shows New Topic options
    • Allowing anonymous posts means that you will not know who posted any post marked as anonymous. You will not be able to grade these posts.
    • Requiring a moderator to approve all posts means that no post will be posted to any thread until you have read and approved it.
    • Requiring students to post a thread before they can read and reply to other threads in a topic means that they cannot read others' posts before they compose their own.
  6. Choose the rating system you want, if any, under "Rate Posts." This will allow students to rate individual posts in the topic.
  7. Availability determines when the topic will be available to students. 
    • Visibility determines when students will be able to view the discussion topic. You can leave it visible at all times, hide it, or set a range of dates when it will be visible.
    • Locking determines when students can post in a topic. You can leave it unlocked at all times, lock it, or set a range of dates when it will be unlocked. 
      • If a topic is unlocked but not visible, students will be unable to post in the topic because they cannot see it.
NOTE: A topic cannot have an unlocked date that is later than the unlocked date set for the forum.

To Add the Discussion Topic to Your Content

  1. Navigate to the module where you want to add your discussion.
  2. Click the Add Existing Activities button then choose Discussions.
    Image shows where to find Discussions link.
  3. Choose the forum the topic is associated with.
    Image shows list of Discussion forums.
  4. Choose the topic you want to add.
    Image shows list of forum topics.
  5. After making your selection, the topic will appear in your module.
    Image shows chosen discussion topic.