Proctoring Options for Online Quizzes

Lone Star College Online Proctoring Options 

Neither LSC nor LSC-Online requires proctoring. For support in creating online assessments without the need for proctoring, see Assessing Your Students.

For those instructors desiring online proctoring, there are three options. The three options below are listed in the order of recommended use to provide needed support cost-effectively.

NOTE: These costs are currently being covered by the college, not the student.

Option 1: Respondus Monitor

Respondus Monitor is the primary tool that should be used for proctoring. 

For additional technical questions or issues with Respondus Monitor, please visit the Respondus knowledge base.

For more information, you can view the following recorded webinar or view step-by-step instructions for LockDown Browser & Monitor Dashboard - Preparation and LockDown Browser & Monitor Dashboard - Settings.

The school has purchased an unlimited seat Respondus Monitor license so there is not a specific cost per student per test.

Option 2: Instructor Live Proctoring with Respondus LockDown Browser

LockDown Browser is a custom browser that locks down the online testing environment within a learning system. When students use LockDown Browser with an online test, they cannot print, copy, go to other websites, access other applications, or close the test until it is submitted for grading. Tests created for use with LockDown Browser cannot be accessed with standard browsers, either.

When LockDown Browser is used with “Instructor Live Proctoring,” the instructor watches students remotely during an online test. This feature requires using a video conference system such as Zoom or MS Teams (sold separately) and is intended for small classes where the instructor can view all students on the screen at once.

The instructor and students meet in the video conferencing application at a specified time. When ready, the instructor provides students a start code for the online exam – students start LockDown Browser from there. The instructor can then watch students via the video conference system for the duration of the exam. Note that Instructor Live Proctoring does NOT record the student video, nor does it alert the instructor to suspicious events. These features are only available with Respondus Monitor, the automated proctoring solution.

Instructor Quick Start Guide for Instructor Live Proctoring with LockDown Browser®

For more information, you can read the following: Instructor Live Proctoring with Respondus LockDown Browser

The school has purchased an unlimited seat Respondus Monitor license, so there is no cost per student per test.

Option 3: ProctorU

Available with VPI Approval Only

Please fill out the following form and submit it to your VPI to request approval: ProctorU Approval Form

ProctorU provides two online proctoring services:

  • ProctorU Review+ provides live proctored ID verification. Once the ID has been verified, the student's webcam and screen are recorded for later review by a live proctor.  Live proctors will review any instances that are flagged by the system as irregular and will escalate all suspicious behavior to the instructor. This service also retains recordings of each session that the instructor can review.

    The cost of ProctorU Review+ is $10 per test per student.

  • ProctorU Live+ is a live online proctoring service that allows students to schedule exam sessions with a live proctor who will monitor the entire testing session.

    The cost of ProctorU Live+ ranges from $9.50 - $40.25 per test per student.