Create Assignments

Students submit their work to an assignment folder. Instructions you provide in the assignment folder appear to students in the "Folder Information" area on the Submit Files page. 

Instructions may include:

  • Information about evaluation methodology
  • Details about rubric assessments
  • Associations with learning objectives
  • Clarifications on work expectations 

Create an Assignment

  1. Click the Course Activities menu in the navbar, then choose Assignments.
  2. On the Assignments page, click the New Folder button.
    Identifies New Folder button
  3. Enter a NameIndicates Assignment Folder Name property
  4. Enter the Score Out Of you want to grant to your project (for example, 100pts) and the Due Date for the assignment.
    Identifies score out of and due date
    Once you enter a Score Out Of and a date, the ability to choose a grade option and the ability to choose a time will appear.
    Identifies Choose from Grades
  5. Add Instructions for students.
    Identifies Instructions field
  6. To include attachments such as a file, link, or existing activity, choose the appropriate icon below the instructions HTML box.
    Shows options choices

  7. Toggle the visibility of the Assignment off and on, depending on what works for your class. To do that, click the eyeball icon along the save bar. (The assignment is not visible by default.)
    Identifies Visibility Toggle

Availability Dates & Conditions

  1. To set restrictions, click on the "Availability Dates & Conditions" in the right-hand column. Complete the fields.
    Shows Availability Dates & Conditions.

Submission & Completion

To input the submission settings, click on "Submission & Completion" in the right-hand column.

  1. Choose the assignment type:
    • Individual or Group.
  2. Select a Submission Type:
  • File submission: Select this type if you want students to submit a file to the assignment folder.
  • Text submission: Select this type if you want students to type their submission into the Assignment text box and not submit a file.
  • On paper submission: Select this type for papers that will be submitted in person. (You must indicate whether it will be manually marked complete by learners, upon evaluation, or by due date.)
  • Observed in Person: Select this type if you are observing an assignment in person. (You must indicate whether it will be manually marked complete by learners, upon evaluation, or by due date.)
  1. Select Submission options:

    • Choose how many files you will allow per submission and whether those files are kept or discarded.

      Shows submission & completion options. 
  2. You may restrict the file type that can be submitted.
    Choices include:  
    • PDF Only
    • Annotatable files, which include all file types that are supported by the Annotation tool in Assignments.
      File types supported by Annotations
    • Files that can be previewed without conversion
    • Images and Videos
    • Custom File Types
      If an instructor chooses Custom File Extensions, they can then enter file extensions that are allowed for file submissions. When this restriction is set, learners are presented with a list of acceptable file extensions for their assignments.
      When a learner attempts to upload a file submission other than that which the instructor has restricted, an error message appears.
      Shows Allowable File  Extensions and Submissions restriction options.
      Shows allowable file extension restrictions.
  3. You may also enter an email address to be notified whenever a new submission is uploaded to this folder.
    Shows Notification Email field.

Evaluation & Feedback

To input feedback settings, click on "Evaluation & Feedback" in the right-hand column.

  1. For instructions on the Restrictions tab, see Setting Availability and Due Dates for an Assignment.
  2. For instructions on the Turnitin tab, see Using Turnitin with Assignments.
    Shows Evaluation & Feedback options.

NOTE: If you associate the folder with a grade item, maintain consistency and avoid confusion for your students by matching the value of the Out Of field to the grade item's Maximum Points value and naming the grade item the same as the activity.

Add the Assignment to Your Content

  1. Go to a module on Content.
  2. Click the Add Existing Activities button.
  3. Choose Assignments.
    Indicates Add Existing Activities menu and Identifies Assignments
  4. Choose the specific assignment to add.Identifies Assignment name.
  5. The link to the assignment will be added to the module. Change the status of the link to Published to make it available to students.Indicates Published or Draft status