View Class Progress

The Class Progress tool allows you to see statistics and details for the current students in a course. You can see student data ranging from attendance to quiz grades. The Class Progress page shows statistics on content, objectives, logins, and grades.

Class Progress Page

  • To access Class Progress, click on Course Activities > Class Progress.
    identifies Filter to dropdown and a listed group.
  • To view progress by group or sections, use the Filter to: drop-down.
  • The first page is the Class Progress page.Shows Class Progress Page.with status bar Identified
  • Click a progress bar to view a student's progress on that course tool.
  • Alternatively, click on a student's name to see the student's Progress Summary page. 
  • The selected students information is shown. Click a module along the left to see information for the topics the student has available and/or visited as well as other pertinent information. 
  • In this example, the 1st relay video item has release conditions set. (e.g. student was required to view a different video before this video was made available to them)

  • You may view each course tool on the sidebar of the Progress Summary to see details for the student in that particular area of work. Shows list of course tools.

Course Access 

  • The left column are the dates the student accessed the course.
  • The right column tells you the number of days missed since the last access.

Login Tracker

  • You can view a student's System login dates as well as the number of logins by viewing the login tracker on the Class Progress page or by selecting Login History on the User Progress page.
  • If you hover over the tracker, a box will appear showing the date and number of logins on that date. Move the mouse across the graph to view other dates.

Grade Progress Quick Check

  • As with the Login Tracker, you can hover over the Grades column and quickly view grade scores.

Class Progress Tutorial Videos