View Class Progress

The Class Progress tool allows you to see statistics and details for your current students in a course. You can see student data ranging from attendance to quiz grades. The Class Progress page shows stats on content, objectives, logins, and grades.

Class Progress Page

  • To access Class Progress, click on Course Activities > Class Progress.
    identifies Filter to dropdown.
  • To view progress by group or sections, use the Filter to: drop-down.
  • The first page is the Class Progress page.Shows Class Progress Page.
  • Click the progress bar to view a student's progress by module, or click on his name to see a different view.
  • When you select the student’s name, you will be brought to the student's Progress Summary page. 
  • By selecting the links in the sidebar, you can view more in-depth summaries. Click on each course tool on the left of the Progress Summary to see details for the student selected.Shows list of course tools.

Login Tracker

  • You can view a student's System login dates as well as the number of logins by viewing the login tracker on the Class Progress page or by selecting Login History on the User Progress page.
  • If you hover over the tracker, a box will appear showing the date and number of logins on that date. Move the mouse across the graph to view other dates.

Grade Progress Quick Check

  • As with the Login Tracker, you can hover over the Grades column and quickly view grade scores.