Send Email in D2L

NOTE: The current daily limit for outgoing D2L emails is set to 500 recipients.

The best way to send emails within D2L is from the Classlist within a course.

Compose a Message

  1. Go to Collaboration > Classlist.
  2. Select the Students tab.
    Identifies Students tab in Classlist.

Email an individual student

  1. Click on the student's name.
  2. Type message in the Compose dialog window.
  3. Click Send.

Email select students in course (not the entire class)

  1. Using the checkboxes to the left of the names, select the students you wish to email.
  2. Click the Email link at the top of the classlist and a "Compose New Message" dialog box will open with all of the students' email addresses in the BCC: line.
    Identifies Email link in Classlist.
  3. Compose message.
  4. Click Send.

Email the entire class

  1. From the Students tab of the Classlist, click the Email Classlist button near the top left of the page.
    Identifies Email Classlist button
  2. Click Send Email at the bottom of the screen. A "Compose New Message" dialog box opens with all students listed in the BCC: field.
  3. Compose message.
  4. Click Send.

Select the Message Priority

The Priority arrow allows you to designate your message as urgent.

If your message is urgent, you can select High by using the arrow next to the Priority button in the lower right corner below the message body. The Priority choices are Low, Normal and High.
Shows location of message priority selector.

Attaching Files to the Email Message

Scroll to the bottom of the Compose New Message dialog box to find the options to attach one or more documents to your message.

Option 1: Upload a new file to D2L.

  1. To attach new file(s) that have not already been uploaded to the course in D2L, click the Upload button.
  2. Navigate to the file and click Open. The file name(s) will appear under the Upload button.
    Identifies Upload button to attach files.
NOTE: If you attached the wrong file, simply click the next to the attached filename to remove it.

Option 2: Choose a file from within your D2L course.

  1. Click the Choose Existing button.
    Identifies location of Choose Existing button
  2. Select the option where to find your file. Course files can be found under the Course Offering Files option.
    Shows file location browse options.
  3. The Add a File screen appears.
  4. To filter available documents by a specific file type, scroll to the bottom of the window, until you find the drop-down for Files of Type. Click the arrow next to All Files and select the type of file you are looking for and then click the Go button.
    Indicates location to filter files by type. Identifies Go button
  5. Select the file(s) using the checkboxes to the left of the file name and click Add.

Create and Add Audio or Video Recording

If you would like to create a new recording, click the arrow next to Record and select Record Video or Record Audio.

Add New Video Recording

  1. Click the arrow next to Record. Select Record Video.
    Indicates location of Record menu. Identifies Record Video choice.
  2. The Video Capture screen appears.
    NOTE: Depending on the browser and your settings, you may be prompted to grant access to your camera and microphone. You must grant access in order to record. When prompted, choose either Allow or Share Devices to give your browser permission to access your camera and microphone.
    Shows cannot access video and audio message.Shows Allow and Share devices browser prompts.
  3. Click the New Recording button to start recording.
  4. Once finished recording, click the Stop Recording button.
  5. Click the Play button to review your recording.
    NOTE: If you are not satisfied with the recording, click the New Recording button to clear your current recording and start again.
  6. Click the Add button to attach the recording. 
  7. In the Video Capture dialog box, enter a title and description.
  8. Click the Add button again to finish attaching your video to the email message.

Add New Audio Recording

  1. Click the arrow next to Record. Select Record Audio.
    Indicates location of Record menu. Identifies Record Audio choice.
  2. The Record an Audio File screen appears.
  3. Click the record button (red circle) to begin recording.
    Identifies location of record audio button.
  4. Click the record button again to stop your recording.
    Identifies location of record audio button.
  5. Click the play button (green triangle) to review the audio.
    Identifies location of play button.
    NOTE: If you are not satisfied with the recording, click Clear to erase and start again.
    Identifies location of clear recording option.
  6. Click Save to attach your audio recording to the email message.

Send or Save the Email

  1. When you have completed the email message, click the Send button at the top of the Compose New Message dialog box.
  2. To save the email to send later, click Save as Draft.
  3. Draft messages are saved to the Drafts folder to be continued at a later time.