Add a SoftChalk Cloud Lesson to Your D2L Course

Once you have created your SoftChalk Cloud lesson, and you have added it to the Score Center if desired, you will need to add the lesson to your content in D2L.

  1. Navigate to the content module in which you want to place your SoftChalk Lesson.
  2. Click [Add Existing Activities] and choose [SoftChalk Link Selector].

    Identifies SoftChalk Link Selector
  3. Your SoftChalk Cloud account will open inside the [Add Activity] window.
    You may see a login screen first if you are not already logged into your SoftChalk Cloud account.

    Navigate to the lesson you want to insert.

    Shows SoftChalk window
    Indicates selected lesson
  4. If you are adding a scored lesson, select [LTI Link] then click [Select].
    If you are adding a non-scored lesson, select [Hyperlink] then click [Select].

    NOTE: For scores from the SoftChalk lesson to be imported to the D2L gradebook, you must set up the SoftChalk lesson in Score Center. Grade items for SoftChalk Score Center lessons will not be created until the first time a student completes the lesson assessment.

  5. Your SoftChalk Cloud Lesson is now added to your D2L Content Module.

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