Read Email in D2L

If you wish to Send email, see Send Email in D2L.

  1. From the Minibar, click on the [Messages] icon.
  2. Click [Email].Indicates Email icon in D2L Minibar.

    NOTE: A red dot next to the Messages icon indicates you have new email messages.

    - OR -
  3. From the Navbar, click [Collaboration].
  4. Select [Email].
  5. You will be taken to your Email Inbox where you can click on a message to read it or you can compose new messages.Shows D2L Email inbox

Report Spam in D2L

  1. From your Email Inbox, click the [Checkbox] next to the message you would like to Report, then click [Report Spam].

    Identifies the Checkbox and report spam button.

  2. You will see a message saying The selected email(s) have been reported as spam to Brightspace, indicating that the spam report was successful.

    Identifies the message that the email has been reported.

NOTE: When reporting spam, the email remains in your Inbox, so consider deleting it. When you report a D2L email as spam, it generates a report sent to D2L. Actions taken by D2L are based on case-by-case evaluation, considering the volume of reports and the circumstance.