If Email says "Not Authorized"

Shows Not Authorized Error

If you or a student receives the above error message when trying to access email, the optional setting "Disable Email, Instant Messages, and alerts" has been enabled in at least one of your quizzes.
Identifies This setting allows the instructor to disable access to collaboration tools while a student is taking the quiz. If the setting is enabled for a quiz, any student who has that quiz in progress will be unable to access Email, Instant Messages, or Alerts.

NOTE: This setting is enabled by default.

If you wish to keep the setting enabled, students may get the error that they are not authorized to access their email. You can tell them to do the following:

  1. Click on the Update alerts icon in the minibar at the top of the course (the bell icon).
    Update alerts icon on minibar
  2. Review the list of quizzes that need to be completed prior to accessing mail or instant messages.
  3. Click on each of the links in the menu to return to the quiz.
    Quiz alert for inprogress quiz
  4. Click the Continue Quiz button to resume the quiz.
    Continue quiz option for quiz in progress
  5. Click on Go to Submit Quiz.Go to Submit Quiz button on quiz in progress

Alternatively, the faculty member can impersonate the user and submit the exam.

  1. Click on Course Activities > Quizzes.
  2. Click the dropdown arrow next to the quiz, then select Grade.
    Grade option from context menu of Coffee Quiz
  3. Change the Restrict to area to “Users with attempts in progress” and click the magnifying glass above that option.
    Search options for quiz attempts
  4. Click on the silhouette icon to the right of an attempt to impersonate the student.
    In progress quiz results with silhouette icon
  5. Confirm you are entering as the student. 
  6. Click on Go to Submit Quiz.
    Go to Submit Quiz button on in progress quiz 

If you wish to change the setting to stop blocking Email and Instant Messages: 

  1. Go to Course Activities > Quizzes.
  2. Click on the quiz that you want to edit.
  3. On the Properties tab, scroll down to "Optional Advanced Properties." Deselect “Disable Email, Instant Messages, and alerts.
    Disable Email, Instant Messages, and alerts option under Optional Advanced Properties of Edit Quiz
  4. Save your changes.
    NOTE: This will not affect any students who already have that quiz in progress. Those students will still need to complete the quiz before they can access their email again. Any students who access the quiz AFTER this change has been made will not lose access to their email.

You may also receive the Not Authorized message when you try to access your email. You will receive this message if you have either:

  • started a quiz while viewing as a student, or
  • started previewing a quiz and left it without exiting the preview or submitting the quiz.

You can regain access to your email by following the steps listed above.