Request an LMS Integration

You may wish to integrate a new third-party product with D2L - for example, a new course tool or material from a content provider. You should first check the Approved Instructional Technologies list to see if Lone Star already has an agreement with that third party. If the integration you want to use is not in that list, you need to fill out an LMS Integration Request.

  1. Click VTAC Support on the navbar.
  2. In the Self-Service column, under the Course Design heading, click the "More …" link.
  3. Click on the LMS Integration Request form.
  4. Fill out all form fields and click the Submit button.

    Shows LMS Integration Request Form; Indicates Submit button

IMPORTANT: Prior to integrating any product with D2L, Lone Star College is required to obtain a signed legal agreement from the vendor that addresses, among other things, adherence to accessibility and FERPA requirements. The timeframe for OGC and the vendor to complete that agreement can be lengthy and will impact when the integration is ready.