Activate a Course

As newly created course shells become available in D2L, they will need to be activated so that students are able to access them. This is done automatically at the beginning of the semester for each course. 

However, should you need to activate a course manually, you can find the instructions.

  1. Your courses will be displayed in D2L under "My Courses." Click on the title to access the course.  Indicates My Courses widget

  2. Click Course Management in the navbar and select Course Admin.
    Indicates Course Admin

  3. Click on the Course Offering Information link (which will appear at the top of the list by default). Identifies Course Offering Information

  4. Near the middle of the Course Offering Information window, click the check box next to Course is active, then click Save. Students will now be able to see the course in their My Courses lists; however, they will not be able to access the course until the start date.  Indicates Course is active checkbox

NOTE: If you have a course that has started but is not yet active, students will be unable to access the course.