LockDown Browser & Monitor Dashboard - Settings

Locating the Dashboard

  1. Go into your course and click Course Activities > Quizzes.Course Activities menu dropdown with Quizzes selected.
  2. Click the LockDown Browser tab.Indicates LockDown Browser tab
  3. Select play on the Video Tutorial or click Continue to LockDown Browser. If you chose to watch the Video Tutorial, click Continue to LockDown Browser when finished. The page that opens lists all the quizzes in your course.Displays the  Respondus LockDown Browser Dashboard.

Setting Up Your Quizzes in the Dashboard

  1. After the dashboard is open, find the quiz to modify.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow in front of the quiz name and select Settings.
    Respondus LockDown Browser Dashboard indicating the dropdown menu to find the Settings option
  3. Under LockDown Browser Settings, select the radio button Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam. This will expand the basic setting options. Optionally, check the box for Require LockDown Browser to view feedback and results.
    Displays LockDown Browser settings
  4. Under Password Settings, enter a password if you want to allow proctoring through a testing center as an alternative.
    Displays Password Settings
  5. Click [ + ] Advanced Settings to expand the LockDown Browser advanced settings menu. Choose desired options.
    Displays LockDown Browser Advanced Settings
  6. Under Monitor Webcam Settings, select the desired setting.
  7. If you select one of the Monitor options, edit the Startup Sequence only if you are sure what you want to change. The default settings are adequate in most cases. Click [ + ] Advanced Settings to expand the Monitor Webcam advanced settings menu and choose your desired options.
    LockDown Browser settings with Monitor Webcam Settings highlighted and Startup Sequence highlighted.
  8. Click the Save + Close button.

NOTE: If you copy quizzes requiring LockDown Browser from one semester to the next, you must visit the LockDown Browser Dashboard at the beginning of each semester in order to "reset" the quizzes. If you don't open the Dashboard screen, the quizzes will not open for your students.