Add and Edit Quiz Questions

You can create new questions within a quiz or import from the Question Library. The most effective practice is to create questions in the Question Library. See Use the Question Library to do this.

Randomizing Quiz Questions

Before you add questions to a quiz, consider how you might want to randomize questions. There are two ways to randomize questions. You will have the option to randomize your questions and sections with one checkbox after you add questions to the quiz. However, If you wish to randomize and deliver a subset of questions, such as 10 questions from Chapter 1, 10 questions from Chapter 2, etc., read Randomize Quiz Questions before you import any questions.

Adding Quiz Questions

  1. Click the Add/Edit Questions button.
    Identifies Add/Edit Questions button
  2. To create a new section on the quiz, click the New button and select Section.
    Identifies new section choice
  3. Complete the section fields. You can choose to hide the section title and the section text on this screen, and you can also choose to shuffle questions in this section. You will see a preview of what the section header will look like on the right side of your screen.
    Shows New Section properties screen
  4. Click the Save button to Save your section, then click Back to [Quiz Name] at the top of the screen to return to the Add/Edit questions screen.
  5. To create a section that will pull questions randomly from a Question Pool, click New and choose Question Pool instead of Section in Step 2.
    Indicates Question Pool
  6. Fill in the title of the Question Pool, set the number of questions you want to show up on each quiz, and enter how many points you want each question to be worth.
    Shows Question Pools options
  7. Click the Browse Question Library button to add questions to the Question Pool.
  8. Choose the questions you would like to add to your Question Pool, then click the Add button.
    Identifies Add button
  9. When you return to the question pool screen, make sure all the options are filled in and then click the Save button. This will return you to the Add/Edit Questions screen.
  10. To add a new question to your quiz, click the New button and select the type of question you'd like to create. Using the Multiple Choice question as an example:
    Identifies the link for a new Multiple Choice question
  11. Complete the options for your question type.
    Identifies options for Multiple Choice question
    • Enter the question text. When you put your cursor into the text box, a toolbar will pop up on the right side of the text box.
    • Enter your question answers. If you need more answer possibilities, click the Add Answer link.
    • Click the circle next to the correct answer.
    • Click the text box next to "Randomize answers for each student" if you would like the answers to the question randomized each time the question is displayed.
    • Enter the number of points you want the question to be worth (this can always be changed on the quiz).
    • You can see a preview of the question on the right of your screen.
    • Click the Save button to save your question and return to the Add/Edit questions screen.
  12. There are some advanced options that you can select from the Options dropdown above the Question Text box.
    Identifies Options
    • Add Feedback will allow you to add feedback for each answer, and for the question overall.
    • Add Hint will allow you to add a hint for the question.
    • Add Short Description allows you to a title description to the question.
    • Add Custom Weights will allow you give students weighted credit for each answer.
    • Add Enumeration will allow you to add your desired enumeration to the answer choices.
  13. To import questions from the Question Library, a file, a LOR, or another quiz, click Import on the Add/Edit questions screen.
  14. Choose from the following selections, Upload a File, Browse Question Library or Import from Learning Repository.
    Shows import options for question library

Importing a File

  1. Select Upload a File.
  2. Click Browse Files or drag and drop the file in the drop zone. This option supports importing ZIP files or CSV files.
     Upload a file dialog box
  3. Once the file has been successfully uploaded, you will see a green checkmark.
    Upload complete confirmation screen
  4. Click Import All or click the Review link, to individually select questions to import.

NOTE:  For individualized help with importing or creating questions, contact your local LSC-Online representative. See Meet Your LSC-Online Representative for contact information.

Importing Quiz Questions

  1. Click the Add/Edit Questions button from the Properties tab of the test.
    Shows Add/Edit Questions button
  2. Click the Import button, and then select Browse Question Library.
    Shows Browse Question Library
    NOTE: When you import questions from the Question Library, your quiz will contain a copy of the questions, not the original questions.
  3. Select the quiz questions to include in the import and click the Add button.
    Shows Add button
  4. Click Done Editing Questions in the top right corner of the screen.

Browse Question Library

  1. To import questions from within the Question Library, an existing quiz, or an existing survey, select Browse Question Library.  
    Shows Browse Question Library option
  2. In the Source: Question Library drop-down list, select the source where existing questions reside. (This may be a section in the question library or an existing quiz or survey.)
    Question Library Source Collection options
  3. In the Source Filter drop-down list, choose the Filter by and check the box next to the type of questions you would like to import (e.g., True or False, Multiple Choice, Matching, Short Answer or Multi-Select).
  4. In the Sort drop-down list, select the option you want to sort by.
    Filter options
  5. Select the questions you want to import, then click Add.  

Import from Learning Repository

  1. Select Import from Learning Repository.
    Import from Learning Repository option
  2. Search the online repository for questions to import.
    Search page for Learning Repository
  3. Select a quiz under Category.
  4. Click Select to import from Question Library.
    Select option for search results from Learning Repository    

When you are finished adding questions to your quiz, click the Done Editing Questions button at the top right of the screen.

Randomizing All Questions 

You will now have the option to randomize your questions and sections with one click.

  1. Check the box entitled: “Shuffle questions at the quiz level.
    This option also shuffles the order of sections existing at the quiz level.
    Indicates the shuffle order checkbox
  2. Enter a value in the Questions per page field to indicate how many questions to display per page and click the Apply button.
    NOTE: Limiting the number of questions available at a time is less overwhelming than placing an entire quiz on one page. You can also choose to prevent users from moving backward through pages once they have left a page.
  3. Once you have made selections, click the Save button. You will notice the shuffle icon now displays next to each question.
    Indicates the shuffle icon