Bulk Edit and Reorder Items in Grades, Assignments, Quiz and Survey Tools

In the Grades, Assignments, Quiz and Survey tools you can use Bulk Edit to change settings. You can also reorder items.

To Bulk Edit

  1. Go to Grades > Manage Grades.
    Or Course Activities > Assignments.
    Or Course Activities > Quizzes.
    Course Management > Course Admin > Surveys.
  2. Select the items to edit. 
  3. Click Bulk Edit.
    Identifies the Bulk Edit link.
  4. Adjust the settings you would like to change.
    Shows the possible settings editable in Bulk Edit.
  5. Save.

To Reorder

  1. Click More Actions > ReorderIndicates More Actions menu and Identifies the Reorder menu item.
  1. Use the drop-down lists in the Sort Order column to select an item's location in the new order. Other items automatically reposition themselves according to the new order.Shows sort order options.
  2. Click Save.