Use Cengage Mindtap in Your D2L Course


  • These instructions include tutorial videos from Cengage. It is highly recommended that you read the steps and watch the videos before performing them.
  • LSC-Online does not have access to your Cengage account. For integration issues, please contact your Cengage representative.
  • As of 1/12/22 the Cengage rep is Karen Jordan,

The Cengage MindTap integration has been enabled for all D2L courses.

First Time MindTap Users

Watch the video below to learn how to add the MindTap integration to your course for the first time.  You can also download the Instructor Quick Start Guide for Integration with D2L.

Once you have added and paired the MindTap integration, you can add MindTap assignment links to D2L and synchronize grades with the D2L gradebook.

Copying a Course with MindTap Content

If you've already used MindTap in a previous course, watch the video below for instructions on copying your D2L course and then re-linking your MindTap links.


Add a Link to Cengage Technical Support for Faculty & Students [Recommended]

Both faculty and students can create tickets in Cengage from within the D2L course.  

Watch this video: Adding a Link to Cengage Technical Support

Additional Support for MindTap