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You and your colleagues are doing creative things with D2L, and we would love to showcase some of those ideas.  Please email with ways you are incorporating D2L into your hybrid, face-to-face, or online course.

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  • November 2020
    • VTAC Support Refresh
    • Attachments in Quizzes
    • D2L Fusion 2020 Conference
    • Semester Wrap Reminders
    • Tour a D2L Course
    • PIE: Not Just a Dessert
    • Proctoring Practice
    • Quality Matters Workshops

  • August 2020
    • News from LSC-Online
    • Relay to Knowmia
    • Semester Start Reminders
    • Tour a D2L Course
    • Rubric and Quiz Updates
    • Quality Matters Workshops
    • Fusion 2020 Conference

  • May 2020

  • January 2020

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