Add McGraw-Hill SIMnet to Your D2L Course

  • This article assumes that your course has already been built in McGraw-Hill SIMnet.
  • LSC-Online does not have access to your McGraw-Hill account. For integration issues, please contact your McGraw-Hill representative.

McGraw-Hill SIMnet (Keep I. T. SIMple!)

McGraw-Hill SIMnet (Keep I.T. SIMple!) is an easy-to-use online training and assessment solution for Microsoft Office. It provides students with life-long access and unlimited practice on Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint in addition to file management, and operating systems content. 

Adding McGraw-Hill SIMnet Content to Your D2L Course

  1. Open your course in D2L.
  2. Go to Content and select the module where you want to insert the McGraw-Hill SIMnet integration (for example, add a module and give it a name (e.g., "McGraw-Hill SIMnet").
    Identifies the Add a module option in the Table of Contents.
  3. In your module, click the Add Existing Activities button, and select Third-party Integrations. Identifies the Third-party Integrations option under Add Existing Activities button.
  4. Select the McGraw-Hill SIMnet link. Mcgraw-Hill SIMnet displays in the module. Be sure the link is NOT set to open as an external resource.
     Identifies the McGraw-Hill SIMnet option under the Third-party Integrations area.

Copying Courses with McGraw-Hill SIMnet Content

  1. Copy your D2L course; do not rename the SIMnet assignments in the copied D2L courses.
  2. Copy your SIMnet section from the SIMnet Master course; do not rename the SIMnet assignments in the copied SIMnet sections.
  3. Pair your D2L course to your SIMnet section.
  4. Go to the SIMnet tool in D2L and click "Re-link Assignments."
    Identifies Re-link Assignments
  5. If you want to change assignment names or dates, make the change in SIMnet and they will automatically flow back to D2L.
  6. Any grade adjustments for an assignment should also be made in the SIMnet  gradebook and will automatically flow back to the D2L gradebook.

Additional Support for McGraw-Hill SIMnet