Add a File to a Module

Once you have created a module or sub-module in your table of contents, you can add topics to that module.

To add files from your computer, such as your syllabus and instructional materials:

  1. Click the module in the Table of Contents.
  2. Click on the New button.
    Screenshot identifying selection of the New button to add topics to a module
  3. Choose Upload Files.Screenshot idenfitifying selection of the Upload Files option on the New menu
  4. In the Add a File window, choose the My Computer option.
    Screenshot identifying selection of My Computer on the Add a File window
  5. On the next window, you can either drag and drop a single file or multiple files from your computer into the upload box. Alternatively, you can click the Upload button to locate file(s) on your computer. After you have added your file(s) to the upload box, click the Add button to finish uploading and adding your file(s) to the module.
    Screenshot showing file upload box with example files and the Add, Back, and Cancel buttonsScreenshot showing completed file uploaded with files in the module