Quiz Attempt Logs

The quiz attempt logs track quiz attempt submissions per student, providing both an overview and a detailed set of logs.

To Access Quiz Logs

  1. On the Quizzes page, click the arrow next to the quiz name.
  2. Choose how you want to access the Attempt Logs.

    •  Option 1: Click Attempt Logs.
      Indicates drop down menu and Identifies the Attempt Logs menu item
    • Option 2: On the Grade Quiz screen, click the Attempt Logs button at the top of the screen.
      Identifies Attempt Logs button

The Overview Tab

The Overview tab tracks the following actions:

  • Attempt Entry
  • Attempt Submitted
  • Attempt Deleted
  • Attempted Restored

It also provides the ability to restore a deleted attempt.
Indicates the Overview tab, Identifies overview event sort options and Identifies the view options Restore button

The Detailed Tab

The Detailed tab tracks the following actions for each attempt:

  • Quiz entry and re-entry
  • Response Save time
  • Page Movement time
  • Quiz confirmation screen/completion

Identifies the Detailed tab

NOTE: The Detailed tab of the Attempt Logs screen will show every action for every attempt by every student. If you would like to focus on just one attempt by one student, see View the Quiz Log.