Reset a Quiz Attempt

Before you decide to reset the quiz attempt, see the other options in Allow Retake of a Quiz. If you still need to reset the attempt after reading that article, follow the instructions below to reset the attempt.

  1. Go to Course Activities > Quizzes.
    Identifies Quizzes
  2. Click the arrow next to the quiz, and then select Grade.
    Identifies Grade
  3. If the attempt in question has already been completed, proceed to step 4.
    If the student’s quiz attempt is currently in progress:
    1. Click Show Search Options to display the Restrict to field.
    2. From the Restrict to drop-down box, select Users who have an attempt in progress
    3. Click the magnifying glass to search.
      Indicates Magnifying Glass Start Search icon and Restrict To field. 
  4. Select the box next to the submission to reset, and click the Reset option.
    Identifies Reset choice
  5. A confirmation pop-up window displays. Click the Yes button.
NOTE: You can view the attempt before you decide to delete it by clicking on Attempt #. You can also force the submission by clicking on the impersonate icon; for more instruction see Submit a Quiz Stuck "In Progress."