Create a Quiz Submission View

In order for students to view their quiz results (e.g., questions answered incorrectly), you will need to create a submission view for that quiz.

Submission views

Default view: A default quiz submission view will appear to users after each quiz attempt submission. The standard default view shows students a message that they have successfully submitted the quiz and, if the quiz is set up to be graded immediately upon completion, shows them their score. You cannot set a time limit for the default view.

Additional view: Alternatively, you can create a customized student view.

Create an additional submission view

  1. Click Course Activities on the navbar and choose Quizzes.
  2. Click edit from the dropdown of the quiz you want to edit.
  3. Select the Submission Views tab.
    Submission Views tab on Edit Quiz page
  4. Click the Add Additional View button to create a new submission view.
    Add Additional View button
  5. Enter a Name for your view. "Review" is a meaningful name.
    Optional: Enter a Message that will display to users after each submission.Screenshot of Name and Message textboxes on Add View page

View Restriction Options


Set a Date to determine when this submission view will begin displaying. By default, users will see the submission view immediately after a quiz submission. (You can put any date here, such as the date after the quiz has closed.)

View Restrictions Date option on Add View page

NOTE: The only way to end a submission view is to make another one with less rights that begins the day you want the previous view to end. 

IP Address

IP address restrictions reflect the same IP restrictions set in the quiz Restrictions tab's Optional Advanced Restrictions.

IP Address option on Add View page

NOTE: IP Restriction has limitations so discuss with LSC Online staff before choosing this option.

Attempt (only visible if you allow more than one attempt)

Limiting the view based on a score is only applicable if you allow multiple attempts. Contact your LSC-Online Representative for more information on this restriction.

Shows attempts dropdown

Limited Duration  

Select the Limited Duration check box and enter a time in minutes to indicate how long users can view a quiz submission immediately following the submission.
Indicates Limited Duration checkbox

NOTE: Limited Duration only applies to submission views that are available immediately after the quiz is submitted. It will not work if it is applied to submission views that don't begin until hours or days after the quizzes are submitted.

View Details Options

You can customize the display of questions, responses, answers, scores, and statistics to users in the submission view using the options listed in the View Details section.
View Details options on Add View page

  1. Select to show questions, Yes or No.
  2. If Yes, select what you want to show your students.
  3. Select Score option or Statistics option as needed. 
  4. Click the Save button.