HTML Editor - Accessibility Checker

An accessibility checker is available within the HTML Editor for use within Content, Widgets, Quizzes, Assignments, Calendar, and any other tool where an instructor or student can access the HTML Editor.

The accessibility checker is available on the HTML Editor bar. After you add content to the HTML Editor, you can click the checker to ensure that the HTML page conforms to WCAG and Section 508 accessibility standards.

Click the accessibility checker to verify that the content you have added to the HTML Editor conforms to accessibility standards.
Identifies Accessibility Checker icon

The accessibility checker reviews content for the following items:

  • Use of paragraphs as headings
  • Sequential headings
  • Adjacent links
  • Ordered list structure
  • Unordered list structure
  • Contrast ratio of text to background colors
  • Image ALT text
  • ALT text filename
  • Table Caption
  • Complex table summary
  • Table caption and summary
  • Table heading scope, markup and headers

No accessibility issues detected

The checker indicates if there are no issues detected.
Shows Accessibility Checker results

Accessibility issues detected

If the accessibility checker finds an issue, it indicates how the content does not meet guidelines. Clicking the question mark icon will open an information page about why that issue does not meet accessibility guidelines.

Shows Accessibility Checker results with issues

For some instances, the checker may provide a way to fix the issue.
Shows Accessibility Checker results with issues and repair option

NOTE: The accessibility checker only checks content in the HTML Editor. It does not check files that you may have imported into a course such as Microsoft Word documents, Adobe PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, etc.