Grade a Discussion

To set a discussion up so that it can be graded, see Configure a Discussion Topic for Assessment.

Grade All Posts in a Topic

  1. Click the arrow next to the topic name.
    Assess Topic option in discussion topic context menu
  2. A list of students will show up with a Topic Score link under each student's name. Click on the Topic Score link and a window will appear with all of that student's posts in the topic.
    Topic Score link on Assess Topic page
  3. To assess the student's posts, do the following: 
    • Click on the Topic Score to enter a grade for the student;
    • Check the Publish score on save checkbox to have the grade published when you save the score;
    • Add feedback for the student in the General Feedback area.
      Assess Topic window
  4. Click Save and Close

If you want to see the original discussion post in order to provide more context for the user reply, or to see what other users replied to that post, click on the small "quotes" link next to the title of the first post in the list.

Indicates link to original post