Add Macmillan Launchpad to a Course

Linking Macmillan LaunchPad to a D2L Course

  1. Make sure you are not logged into Macmillan LaunchPad. If you opened LaunchPad previously, please close your browser and re-­open to be sure you are not still logged in.
  2. In D2L, navigate to your course, and then click Content.
  3. Navigate to the module to add the link.
  4. Click the Add Existing Activities button, and then Third-party Integrations.
    Adding existing activities to your course.
  5. Select the Macmillan Course Tools launch option.
  6. Click the Macmillan Course Tools launch external learning tool link.
    Screenshot shows the Macmillian Course Tools launch link.
  7. Click the LaunchPad link.
    Screenshot shows the Connect with LaunchPad link.
  8. If the LaunchPad does not display, click your pop-up blocker and allow pop-ups from this URL.
    Pop-up blocker confirmation page.
  9. The LaunchPad Privacy Note page displays. Select the checkbox and click the green I agree to the Legal Terms button.
  10. Enter your Macmillan credentials and click the Sign In button.
    Screenshot shows the LaunchPad log in screen.
  11. Click the Authenticate button.
  12. Select the Do not ask me again for this application checkbox, and click the Continue button.
  13. Associate your Macmillan course and click the Associate button.
  14. Click the Yes, Associate This Course button, and then click the OK button.
  15. Close the confirmation page.

For more information on Deploying Macmillan Content to D2L Content Modules and the D2L Gradebook or Copying a D2L Course Integrated with Macmillan Content and Presenting Registration Information to Students, please visit the Macmillan website.

NOTE: The information above will assist you in adding the Macmillan integration and pairing it with your course. If you need any assistance creating your Macmillan course, please contact your Macmillan rep.