Extend Yuja Quiz Auto-Sync

Currently the Auto-sync between the YuJa Video/Playback Quiz beginning from the quiz's creation date lasts approximately 30 days. Once this limit is reached, the quiz will no longer auto-sync with the D2L gradebook. If your YuJa Video/Playback Quiz Grades are not syncing, or not transferring to the D2L Gradebook correctly, please follow the steps in this article to manually extend the Auto-sync.

  1. Within the YuJa Video/Playback Quiz, select [More...].

  2. On the next page, select [Quizzes], then [Activity Logs].

  3. Within the Activity Logs, use the shortcut key [Ctrl+F] and find the option to [Extend] the quiz. This will extend the limit by another 30 days.

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