Examity - Live Proctoring Solution

Examity is a live proctoring solution utilized by Lone Star College for approved, fully online courses only. Examity secures exams, verifies test-taker identities, and prevents cheating, thereby maintaining the integrity of the quiz. All quizzes taken in Examity are taken by students in front of a live Proctor, who will monitor the test-taker's surroundings and entire desktop throughout the exam.

Available in approved course offerings only

Examity is only available in approved course offerings, and only in fully-online course sections

You can view this list of course offerings approved for use with Examity: Examity Approved Courses.docx

You can use Examity in your course if you are teaching any of these courses fully online. Please send an email to VTAC@lonestar.edu to request Examity be enabled in your course, if it isn’t already. Please include course name, catalog number, section number, and semester in your email. 

Confirming if Examity is Enabled in your Course

  1. Verify whether or not Examity is in your course already.
    Check under Content Module -> [Add Existing Activities] -> [Third-party Integrations] -> Scroll down and look for [Examity 1.3]

  2. If your course is listed in Examity Approved Courses.docx, but Examity is not found, please send an email to VTAC@lonestar.edu.

  3. Please include course name, catalog number, section number, and semester of all the courses in which you want to use Examity.

Adding Examity to your Course

NOTE: The steps outlined in this section are required for ALL courses using Examity, even if all quizzes in the course will be taken on a Third-Party platform.

  1. Open your course in D2L.

  2. Go to Content and select the existing module or create a new module where you want to insert the Examity link.

    Identifies the Add a module option in the Table of Contents

  3. In your module, click [Add Existing Activities], and select [Third-party Integrations].

    Identifies the Third-party Integrations option under Add Existing Activities button.

  4. In the Add Activity menu, choose [Examity 1.3].

    Identifies Examity 1.3.

  5. This will add the [Examity 1.3] content link to the module. You and your students will use this link to access the Examity Dashboard.

ALERT: Students MUST use this link to access all Examity quizzes, even if the Quiz is taken in a Third-Party Integration. They can NOT access an Examity quiz from Course Activities > Quizzes.

Identifies Examity 1.3 integration link.

NOTE: Examity only supports Google Chrome browser on Windows or Mac desktops/laptops and Chromebooks. Other browsers, as well as iPads and Android tablets, are NOT compatible with Examity.

Creating a Quiz for Examity

  1. Create your Quiz in D2L as normal. See the Create a Quiz article for details.

  2. When creating a quiz for Examity, add - Examityto the end of the name of your Quiz. For example, a quiz using Examity could be named " Exam 1 - Examity ". This is a requirement for all quizzes to be recognized by Examity. Any quiz that does not have this will NOT be added to Examity.

    Provides examples of Examity Quizzes

    NOTE: You can convert existing Quizzes for use with Examity by adding - Examityto the Quiz name and waiting 24 hours for the Quiz to be added to Examity. When doing so, make sure to follow the steps below to make sure the Quiz has all the required settings for Examity.

  3. All Examity quizzes need to have a Password and an End Date set in D2L. See Apply Quiz Restrictions for how to add these restrictions. These settings will be exported to the Examity version of the quiz. Do NOT share passwords directly with Test-takers. The Password will be automatically entered for the student when they take the Quiz in Examity.

  4. If you need to give Special Access to a student, you will have to enter it in D2L and then mirror the special access in Examity. If a student is allowed to take a quiz outside of the normally allowed Start Date and End Date this can be set in Examity under Scheduling Exceptions (see the Examity Guide for Instructors below). See Grant Students Special Access in a Quiz for setting up Special Access in D2L.

ALERT: Examity exports Quiz Data from D2L nightly. Make sure Examity quizzes are created in D2L at least 24 hours prior to students scheduling their quiz. It is recommended to create Examity quizzes a week prior so students have plenty of time to schedule.

NOTE: If you need to edit the Quiz Name, Duration, Password, or Start/End Dates less than 24 hours prior to when students will take a quiz, these can NOT be done in Examity directly. Make the change in D2L and send a request for changes to be made to the exam in Examity to Brooke Poulin (Examity Account Success Manager)bpoulin@examity.com.

Recommended Practice: Creating a Practice Quiz

  • It's recommended to create a Practice Quiz in D2L for students to take at the beginning of the semester. This will give students an opportunity to create their Examity profiles, learn how to use Examity, and make sure they can access their quizzes in Examity without issue. A Practice Quiz is the only time an Examity Quiz will not be taken with a Proctor.

  • When setting up a Practice Quiz, you will need to set the quiz's Security Level to Automated Practice. In the Examity Dashboard, go to [Exams] > [Your Quiz's Name] > [Info], and then under the Security Level heading, select [Automated Practice].

    When finished, click [Save Changes]. See the below guide for further information about navigating the Examity Dashboard.

    Demonstrates how to set a Practice Quiz to Automated Practice

NOTE: The Practice Quiz is the ONLY time you will use Automated Practice. All other Quizzes using Examity need to be set to Live Proctoring.

Examity Guide for Instructors

Examity has provided the following guide for Instructors. Please refer to this guide for navigating the Examity Dashboard, editing the Exam Settings, including test-taking Rules, Special Instructions, and Accommodations, as well as adding Supporting Documents, setting Scheduling Exceptions, and viewing Proctoring Analytics.

NOTE: Proctoring video recordings are available in Examity for one month after the student takes the quiz, they are then archived for one month during which time they are available by request. If there were any Red Flags, that video will be available for 365 days after they took the quiz. If you wish to request an archived recording, you will need to contact Brooke Poulin (Examity Account Success Manager)bpoulin@examity.com.

Using Quizzes Taken in Third-party Integrations in Examity

Examity can also proctor quizzes taken in Third-party Integrations. To add a Third-party quiz to Examity, follow these steps provided by Examity:

NOTE: Any Third-party platform which you wish to use with Examity must be integrated with your course in D2L.

  1. If the students will be navigating through a Third-party Integration link in D2L, then on Step 5 of the provided instructions, for the Link to test, you will need to enter the Homepage for your D2L course. The D2L Course Homepage URL can be found in your browser's URL bar when you are viewing the homepage for your course.

    When the student takes the Quiz through Examity, they will be sent to the course in D2L, and then be able to navigate to the Third-party Integration link in the course and from there to the Quiz in the Third-party integration.

    location of the D2L Homepage URL

    where to enter the D2L Homepage URL in

  2. On Step 8 of these instructions, please make sure that whatever navigation the students will be following to access the quiz in the Third-party Integration is detailed in the Special Instructions.

    where to enter special instructions that detail the navigation students will follow

NOTE: If you need to change the Link to Exam or the Special Instructions, these changes can be made directly on the Examity Dashboard.

Information about Student use of Examity

Students will access Examity through the [Examity 1.3] link in your course. From there they will schedule and take the Quiz in Examity, not D2L. Students must Schedule a time to take their Quiz at least 24 hours in advance when using Examity. There is no cost to students to use Examity.

There is a VLAC article on how Students use Examity, please share this in your course for your students' reference:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When using a Third-Party Integration Quiz with Examity, why is it required to use the D2L Course Homepage URL in the Link to Test box, and how will Students access the Quiz in the Third-Party Integration?

A: When you fill in the Link to Test field with the D2L Course Homepage URL, then after students have verified their identity and reviewed the rules in Examity, students will be directed back to D2L where they will need to locate the Third-Party Integration link to in the D2L course to navigate to the Third-Party Integration site. Once there, they should be able to access the exam without issue.

Examity Support Contact

Brooke Poulin (Examity Account Success Manager)