Add Labster to Your D2L Course

  • Labster is available ONLY to CyFair faculty.
  • These instructions include tutorial videos from Labster. It is highly recommended that you read the steps and watch the videos before performing them.
  • LSC-Online does not have access to your Labster account. For integration issues, please contact your Labster representative.

Getting Your Course Set Up 

  1. Send an email to
  2. Include a list of the courses, complete with section numbers and terms, in which you want to use Labster.

Download the Labster Files

This article from Labster explains how to download the Labster common cartridge files for use in your course. For an overview of the process, watch the video below.

Add Labster Files to Your Course

  1. Click Course Management on the navbar and choose Course Admin.
  2. Click the Import/Export/Copy Components link.
    Identifies Import/Export/Copy Components link
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose Import Components and select "from a course package," then click the Start button.
    Identifies Import options
  4. Click the Upload button, navigate to your Labster .zip file, and click open.
    Identifies Upload Button
  5. Click the Advanced Options ... button.
    Identifies Advanced Options Button
  6. Once your package has been read, click the Continue button.
    Identifies Continue Button
  7. Under the Select Components to Import, drill down and select the components you would like to import.
    Indicates Select Components to ImportShows Components to Import screen
  8. Click Continue as you make your choices, until the import starts.
  9. When the import is complete, click the View Content button.

Additional Support Information: