Create a Question Pool

To Create a Question Pool: 

  1. Click on Course Activities and choose Quizzes
  2. Click on the name of the Quiz to which you want to add a Question Pool, or create a new quiz.
  3. Click the Add/Edit Questions button.
    Identifies Add/Edit Questions button
  4. On the following screen, click on the Add button and choose Question Pool.
    Identifies Question Pool
  5. Fill in the title of the Question Pool, enter the number of questions to select on each quiz, and how many points you want each question to be worth.
    Identifies Question Pool fields and Browse Question Library button
  6. Click the Browse Question Library button to add questions to the Question Pool.
  7. Choose the questions you would like to add to your Question Pool, then click the Add button.
    Identifies Add button
  8. When you return to the question pool screen, make sure all the options are filled in and then click the Save button. This will return you to the Add/Edit Questions screen.