Associate a Grading Activity with a Grade Item

Grading Activities can include— but not limited to— assignments and quizzes. To link the Grading Activity with a specific Grade Item in the Gradebook, you want to link from the Grading Activity to the grade item. In this example, the Grading Activity is an assignment.

  1. Head to the Assignment that you wish to link to a Grade Item. Click on the drop-down menu and select [Edit Folder].

  2. Currently since the assignment is not linked to any grade item. the box below should show [Not in Grade Book].

  3.  For best practice, it is advised to Create the Grade Item in the Gradebook first. In this example, we are linking the assignment to an existing Grade Item. Select [Edit or Link to Existing].

  4. Click on [Link to an existing grade item], select the existing grade item you want to link to, then select [OK] at the bottom.

  5. When done, this box should now show [In Grade Book]. The assignment is now linked with a grade item in the Gradebook. The ribbon icon indicates that the Grading Activity is now linked with a Grade Item.

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