Add ALEKS Science/Chemistry (LTI 1.3) to Your D2L Course

NOTE: LSC-Online does not have access to your ALEKS account. For integrations issues, please contact your ALEKS representative. Refer to Pairing Your Brightspace Course to an ALEKS Course. This upgrade is only available for ALEKS Science and Chemistry.

  1. Go to [Content] and select the module where you want to insert the ALEKS integration. For example, add a module and give it a name such as "ALEKS".

  2. In your new module, click on [Add Existing Activities], then select [Third-party Integrations].

  3. Click the [ALEKS 1.3] link.

  4. The tool must also be configured to open as an external resource. Click the drop-down arrow and select [Edit Properties in Place].

  5. Place a check mark in [Open as External Resource].

  6. Pairing your ALEKS Account to Brightspace or Creating a New ALEKS Account
    • The first time you click through the ALEKS tool as an instructor you will be asked to pair your Brightspace account to your existing ALEKS account, or to set up an instructor account in ALEKS.
    • If you have an account already, make sure to select the second option to use your existing ALEKS account. Enter your ALEKS login name and password. To retrieve your Login Name and Password, you can click on [I forgot my login information] to be emailed your Login Name, and a link to reset your password.
    • Click [Continue] to pair your ALEKS course with D2L.

    • If you do not have an ALEKS account, select [No, I am new to ALEKS].

  7. ALEKS will auto populate your information but if does not, please fill out any empty fields and agree to terms of use. Click [Continue].

  8. Click [Continue] to finalize your ALEKS account.