Grade a Discussion With or Without a Rubric

See Connect a Rubric to a Discussion Topic, for information on how to connect a rubric to your discussion.

  1. Go to Collaboration > Discussions.

  2. Click the dropdown arrow next to the topic to access the context menu, and click on Assess Topic.  
    Displays Assess Topic in context menu
  3. Click on Topic Score below a student's name. The rubric opens in a popup window and brings up all of the student’s posts for this topic below the rubric.
    Displays rubric name
  4. If you have a rubric attached, Click to access it.
    If you have added more than one rubric, use the dropdown toggle to choose the alternative rubric.
    Identifies the dropdown toggle to choose the alternative rubric.
  5. Select the score for each criterion and add feedback to any criterion you wish. You may edit or customize the score by clicking on the icon beside the score within each criterion.Shows rubric and identifies Add Feedback
  6. If you wish to publish the score on saving, click the Publish button found at the bottom of the page. If you prefer to save the score as draft (for example, if you want to release all the scores at once), click the Save button.

  7. If you have not scored every criteria in the rubric, you will receive a warning that the rubric is incomplete. You can choose to go back and complete the rubric or publish anyway.
    Shows warning notification
  8. Once you are finished grading each individual student's discussion posts, click the Save and Close button.

ALERT! The score transfer does not occur if Allow assessment of individual posts or a Percentage rubric is selected.

Publish a topic score to the Gradebook

  1. On the Discussions List Page click Assess Topic from the context menu of the topic you want to assess.Displays Assess Topic in context menu
  2. Click on "Topic Score" underneath the student you wish to grade.
  3. Select the number of points and click Save and Close.
  4. Check the box in the Publish to Grades column beside each student whose score you want to release, then click Save or Save and Close.
    Displays Publish to Grades option