Grade an Assignment with a Rubric

See Connect a Rubric to an Assignment for information on connecting a rubric to your assignment.

You can evaluate a student's assignment submission using a rubric associated with the assignment folder. For each associated rubric, you can grade each student based on set criteria, and you can also provide additional feedback in the text box.

  1. Click Course Activities on the navbar and select Assignments.
  2. Select the assignment folder and click the submission under the student's name to grade.  
  3. Click the rubric listed ("Lab Report Rubric" in the image below) or the "Assess All Rubrics" icon under Evaluation on the lower-right of the student's assignment.
    Identifies the Assess All Rubrics icon.The rubric opens in a popup window.
  4. In the rubric, click a criterion for each level, and then click the criterion's Edit score and feedback icon and enter feedback in the text field.
    Identifies a Rubric level for a criterion and indicates the edit feedback icon.
  5. Select Transfer rubric feedback to general feedback for the assignment to include it in the general feedback. (See note below.)
    Shows Transfer rubric feedback to general feedback checkbox.
    NOTE: If you transfer rubric feedback to general feedback, it will appear beneath your manually entered feedback. You can then edit transferred rubric feedback in the general feedback HTML Editor, but the rubric will not reflect changes you save there.
  6. Click the Save & Record button to push your rubric assessment score and feedback into the submission's overall score and feedback area. Otherwise, click Save to keep the rubric score separate from the overall score and prevent the transfer of rubric feedback into general feedback.

    NOTE: You can attach multiple rubrics to an assignment folder, but you can only push one rubric's assessment score to the submission's overall score.