Correct Grading Errors on Quiz Questions

The following instructions are for updating all student attempts on a quiz when you have decided to award points to all students or to change the points awarded for a particular answer.

  1. On the Manage Quizzes page, click Grade from the context menu of the quiz you want to grade.
  2. Click the Questions tab to view quiz responses by question.
    Shows Grade Quiz tabs with 'Questions' tab identified.
  3. Select Update All Attempts.
    Identifies Update All Attempts choice.
  4. Click on a question.
  5. Below the "Question Responses" section, use one of the Grading Type options to override grades for either all your students or only those who selected a specific answer choice.

Grading Types

  1. “Give to all attempts” allows you to award points to all users who received the current question on their quiz. Type the desired point value in the text field.Identifies two Grading type options.
  2. “Give to attempts with answer (#)” allows you to award points for a specific response. This is useful if a question was incorrectly set up when the quiz was created. For example, if students who completed the quiz received a grade value of 0 when they really should have received a grade value of 1, you can use this option to award them the appropriate grade value.
  1.  You must click the Save button to save these changes before choosing another response to edit.Identifies Save button

Changing Grades if You Have Already Changed the Question

If you have already changed the question in the question library and/or on the quiz, that question will be considered "no longer on the quiz." In that case, students who took the quiz before the changes were made will be listed in a section below the current questions labeled "Questions that are not in the quiz anymore."
Shows Questions that are not in the quiz anymore.

  1. Choose between "Grade Individual Responses" or 'Update all Attempts" (much more common) at the top of the screen.
  2. Choose the "Grading Types" as explained above (A and B).
  3. Click on each question, enter grades, then click Save. Then click Go Back to Questions.
  4. Continue until you are finished grading.