Set Up Qwickly Attendance

Set Up Quickly Attendance in Your Course

NOTE: If you are copying a course that has Qwickly already set up, you MUST delete the grade item in the new course before you enter settings for that course. If you don't, Qwickly will create a second grade item and you will be unable to distinguish the new (correct) one from the old one.

  1. Log in to your course.
  2. Click Course Activities on the navbar and choose Qwickly Attendance. A new window will open for the Qwickly Attendance tool.
  3. Click Accept to allow your account to use Quickly Attendance (you will only have to do this once).
    Identifies Accept button
  4. Click on Settings.
    Indicates Settings
    • Choose a Student Grouping.
      Shows student grouping
      • Single List - all students are listed in a single list
      • By Course Groups - students are listed in groups to which they belong in the course
      • By Course Section - students are listed by section within the course
    • Choose a Default Style.
      Shows Default Style
      • List - Displays all students in alphabetical order. To take attendance, you can freely click Present, Absent, Excused, or Tardy for each student. You can also comment on a student's status.
      • One by One - Shows one student at a time. You can click freely the status of each student, and click the arrows to move from student to student.
      • Accessibility  - Displays all students in an alphabetical list optimized for keyboard navigation.
    • Choose your View Preferences.Shows View Preferences
    • Set up a Gradebook Integration
      Shows Gradebook Integration
      • Choose whether you want to create a grade column (item) for attendance.
        • Choose either Total Points or Points Per Session.
        • Give the column a name.
        • Enter the number of points for the total points/per session points.
      • Choose whether you want to create a second grade column for absences
    • Next, choose settings for using Check In.
      Shows Check In
      • You can require students to enter a 4-digit PIN when checking in
      • You can set a check-in period which requires students to check in within "X" number of minutes (if you leave the number set to zero there is no time limit)
    • Absence Email
      Shows Absence Email
      • If students are absent, you can choose to have the system send them emails about their absences.
      • If you choose to send them an email, you can use predefined variables in those emails. The available redefined variables can be found by hovering over the question mark next to the Absence Email title:
        Shows Predefined Variables
    • Setting Attendance Statuses
      • System Statuses - these statuses are set by the system and cannot by changed.
        Shows System Statuses and Identifies toggle switchesYou can turn off any of the system statuses to prevent them from showing up on your attendance sheet.
      • Custom Course Statuses - allows you to enter your own attendance statuses.
        Identifies Add StatusClick on the Add Status button to add a custom status.Shows Add Status fields
        • Order - the order in which your custom status appears on the Attendance sheet
        • Name - the name which will appear on the Attendance sheet
        • Points - the percentage of grade points students should receive if they receive that status for the day
        • Absence - the percentage of an absence students should receive if they receive that status for the day
        • Color - Click the block to set a color to show up in the attendance record
        • Delete - click the X to delete the Custom Status at any time.
  5. Click the Save Settings button.