LockDown Browser & Monitor Dashboard - Preparation

Rapid Rollout (for Instructors)

Here are recommendations on getting started with LockDown Browser and Monitor from Respondus: 

Locating the LockDown Browser Dashboard

  1. Go into your course and click Course Activities > Quizzes.
    Identifies Quizzes link the Course Activities menu.
  2. Click the LockDown Browser tab.
    Identifies LockDown Browser tab.
  3.  Select play on the Video Tutorial or click "Continue to LockDown Browser." If you chose to watch the Video Tutorial, click "Continue to LockDown Browser" when finished. 
  4.  The page that opens lists all your quizzes in the course.
    Displays list of quizzes in the course.

NOTE: If you copy quizzes or a course containing quizzes requiring LockDown Browser from one semester to the next, you must visit the LockDown Browser Dashboard at the beginning of each semester in order to "reset" the quizzes. If you don't open the Dashboard screen, the quizzes will not open for your students.

Preparation before the Test

Watch this 2 minute video: How Respondus Can Help

Study the Instructor Quick Start Guide:


Important Considerations

Monitor is NOT a true proctoring solution because the videos it captures are affected by the quality of the internet connection, bandwidth and resources available on the student’s computer. Rather it is a deterrent to cheating because the students know that they may be caught on video.

You should include in your syllabus the specific consequences of any missing video or pieces of video created by Monitor.

We do not recommend using the iPad app for LockDown Browser. There are some issues with its use and it does not provide the same kind of security that LockDown Browser on a computer does.

See Prepare Your Students for Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor for tips on preparing your students to use Respondus Lockdown Browser + Monitor.

NOTE: If students are concerned about privacy issues related to using their webcams, please direct them to Proctoring and Privacy.

Pearson MyLab

To use Respondus Monitor with your Pearson MyLab course:

  1. Navigate to the course settings in the Pearson course, and locate "Learning Aids and Test Options." 
  2. Select "Use automated proctoring in this course," and then “Respondus Monitor Proctoring.” 
  3. MyLab will then prompt you to "Complete the Respondus Monitor Proctoring license setup," which is a one-time process.