Delete a Grade Column

In D2L, a Grade column is called a Grade Item.

  1. Go to Grades > Manage Grades.
  2. Find the grade item you wish to delete and look at the Association column to verify that it is not associated with an activity (quiz, assignment, or discussion). You can not delete a grade item that is associated with an activity.
    • If there is an association, you will see the type of activity the grade item is associated with in the Association column.
    • Click on the gray information (i) button to find out which activity the grade item is associated with.
    • Go to that item in the course (Individual tools can be found in the Course Activities or the Collaboration menu) and change the the associated grade item to either "None" or "--Choose a grade item--" (depending on the course tool) so that it will no longer be associated with the grade item you wish to delete.

      NOTE:  If the grade item is associated with a Third-party integration, see How to Remove Third-Party Integration Content and the Associated Grade Items.
  3. On the Mange Grades page, click More Actions and select Delete.Identifies the Delete menu item.
  4. Select the item(s) you want to delete then click the Delete button at the bottom of the screen.
NOTE: If you are unable to select an item you wish to delete, it is because the item is still associated with an activity in the course. Refer to Step 2 above.