Retrieve Withdrawn Student Course Activity Data

Retrieving Grades and Attendance for Dropped Students

To find the grades or attendance for a student who has withdrawn or been dropped from a course, please see View Attendance & Grades for Withdrawn (Unenrolled) Users.

Retrieving Submissions for Dropped Students

Follow the steps below to retrieve submissions and activity records for a dropped student.

  1. Log into D2L.
  2. Click on VTAC Support in the navbar.
  3. In the Self-Service column under User Access, click on More... 
    Indicates More link
  4. Click on Withdrawn Student Reporting under User Access Tools.
    Indicates Withdrawn Student Reporting link.
  5. On the form that opens up, under Select a Course, select the semester from the Course Filters.
  6. Indicate either Credit or CE.
  7. Select from Courses Available.
    Shows Course filter options and Courses Available.
  8. Enter User Name or ID Number under Student Selection and click Lookup.
    Identifies Lookup button.
  9. Select Student's Name and click Submit

The student will appear in your Classlist (but will not have any access to the course) so that you can retrieve submissions and course activity for the student.