Create an Attendance Register

The attendance register is commonly used for classes that meet in a physical classroom, but it can also be used for recording attendance at required field trips or clinical events.

Create a new Attendance Register

  1. Click on Course Activities > Attendance.
  2. Click the New Register button.
    Shows the New Register button.
  3. Enter the Name of your register, such as Attendance.
    Shows the New Register - Name field.
  4. Choose an Attendance Scheme. See Create an Attendance Scheme to create your own.
    Shows the Attendance Scheme list.
  5. Enter a number indicating the % of attendance at which you intervene. (This is optional.)
    Shows Cause for Concern % field.
  6. Selecting Allow users to view this attendance register is recommended.
    Shows Visibility option
  7. Choose Include all users in the course or if you will have multiple registers, changing the selection to Include all users in the following groups/sections will allow you to limit the students in the register to a specific section or group.
    Shows all users option selected.Shows all users in groups/sections option selected.Shows Group/Sections list.
  8. Determine how many class meetings you will have this term and add the needed rows to the sessions list.
    Shows the Add Sessions option.
  9. Enter a Session Name for each row.
    NOTE: Keeping the names short and generic keeps the register compact and reusable without the need for editing each term, such as W1.1, W1.2, W2.1, W2.2, W3.1, etc for a Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs class. And if you have a weekly lab, L1, L2, etc...
    Shows possible naming convention
  1. Click the Save button.
    NOTE: You cannot save the register with incomplete rows so delete any unused rows by clicking the trashcan to the right.