Apply Discussion Forum and Topic Restrictions


We recommend that you do not apply any of these restrictions at the forum level and instead limit your restrictions to discussion topics. Contact the LSC-Online representative on your campus for help with these settings. (See Meet Your LSC-Online Designer/Technologist for contact information.)

Restrictions Tab


Students will not be able to see the discussion topic if the "Hide from Users" checkbox is checked; if you want the topic to be visible, make sure it is not checked.

Indicates Hide from Users checkbox

The availability of discussion forums and topics can also be limited by date (availability determines when the discussion topic will be visible to students).

Shows Topic availability options

Locking Options

The discussion may be locked so that students cannot post or edit, even if the topic is available.
Options include:

  • Unlock topic
  • Lock topic
  • Unlock topic for a specific date range

Shows Topic locking options

NOTE: A topic cannot have unlocked dates that fall outside any unlocked dates set for the forum; the forum dates will take precedence.

Release Conditions

The discussion topics may be released to students based on criteria selected in Release Conditions. 

Shows Topic release conditions

Group and Section Restrictions

Discussion topics may be released to students based on their membership in a group, so only group members will be able to post in a specific topic. You should not select this option unless you have created groups for students and are assigning the topic so that members of each group post in a separate topic. 

Shows Topic group and section restrictions.