Add Picmonic to Your D2L Course

Getting Your Course Set Up 

  1. Send an email to
  2. Include a list of the courses, complete with section numbers and terms, in which you want to use Picmonic.

Adding Picmonic Content

Add Using Quicklinks

  1. From the D2L HTML editor, click the Insert Quicklink button.
    Identifies the Insert Quicklink button
  2. Select the appropriate Picmonic link.
    Identifies the Picmonic links

Add Using Add Existing Activities

  1. From content, click Add Existing Activities.
  2. Select the appropriate Picmonic link.

Copy Picmonic Links

  1. Verify Picmonic is available in the new course(s).
  2. Copy the course as usual. The links will copy over without incident.

For troubleshooting information, contact Picmonic.