Export Grades

To export grades:

  1. Open the course and click on Grades in the navbar.
  2. On the Enter Grades page, click the Export button.
    Identifies export button in Grades tool.
  3. If you have merged rosters and need to Export grades by section, choose Sections from the dropdown menu and click Apply. Then choose the section to export and click Apply again.
    Shows the Sections menu item and indicates the Apply button.Shows selection of section.
  4. If you have groups set up in your course, you will see a Groups option. To see a list of your groups, choose Groups and click the Apply button. Then choose the group to export and click Apply again.Shows the Groups menu item and indicates the Apply button..Shows Groups options.
  5. Select the Key Field you want to use to identify students (Org Defined ID is the LSCS ID number).
    Shows key field options for grades export.
  6. Select the sort order you prefer for the exported file.
    Shows the various sort order options available.
  7. Select the Grade Values you want to export.
    Shows the grade value options for Grades export.
  8. Select the User Details you want to export.
    Shows user details for exporting grades.
  9. Select the Grade Items you want to export.
    Shows where to choose grades to export.
  10. Click Export to CSV or Export to Excel.
  11. A pop-up window will appear. Click on your file's link to download it. Click Open and save the file to your computer.

See also Print Grades.