Adding a WebEx Meeting to Your Course

You can add a virtual meeting to your course using the WebEx integration in D2L. You can do this in the content area. This will allow you to meet with your students in a synchronous setting where you can use webcams or microphones to speak to each other.

To Insert the WebEx Meeting Tool in Your Content

  1. Click on the module where you would like to insert the WebEx tool.
  2. Click on Add Existing Activities and choose External Learning Tools.
  3. Choose WebEx  from the menu.
  4. A WebEx topic will be added to your module.
    The software will spend a few moments setting up your accounts with WebEx. Once this is complete, click on Return to Calendar at the bottom of the screen.
  5. You will see the calendar and the options for creating new events.
  6. To create a new meeting, click on the Schedule more events button.
  7. Fill in all appropriate fields. Choose which account you want to use (you can always use the Meeting Center). Click the Schedule button.
  8. Once you have scheduled an event, it will show up on your calendar.

    When  it is close to time for the event to begin, the Prepare button will turn into a Host button.
     You will click that button to start your meeting. Your students will see a Join button.
  9. You can also set up a quick launch event by clicking on the Quick launch new event button. This is useful if you want to start a meeting that begins immediately.

Using the Resources Link to Create WebEx Meetings

  1. Click the Resources link in the navbar and choose WebEx.
  2. You will see the WebEx calendar for the entire course. You can schedule meetings from here, and students can access them from here. You can choose to use the tool from this location instead of adding it to your content.