Add a User to a Course

This process is to add employees to courses, not students. To add a student to your class, see Reconcile Your Brightspace and iStar Rosters.

  1. Log into Brightspace.
  2. Go into the course for which you want to add the user.
  3. Locate the Support widget.
  4. Select User Access.
  5. Choose the Add a User to Your Section.
    Indicates the User Access button and identifies the Add a User to Your Section form.
  6. Make sure the correct course is highlighted in blue.
    Shows course list in the form.
  7. Select the access you wish to grant the user. There are four levels of access that can be granted.Location of role selection
  • Advisor – Users will have a limited view of student information but no editing ability in the course. Viewing access includes Class Progress, Classlist, Groups, Manage Files and Quizzes.
  • Faculty – Users will have the same rights as the original faculty member, including editing content, quizzes, etc.
  • Observer – Users will have a similar role to students, but will not show up in the gradebook. Observers can view student data, including User Progress. Observers cannot participate in discussions but have the ability to view setup options and preview quizzes and surveys.
    NOTE: An observer may have already been placed in your course through iStar. Observers show up on the All tab of the Classlist, not the Student tab, but they are listed with a student role.
  • Teaching Assistant – Users will have access to add and modify course content, the ability to post news announcements to the course, and the ability to participate in discussions. Teaching Assistants will also have faculty level access to the course calendar.
  1. Enter the first and last name of the user. Then click Lookup.
    Shows the first and last name fields.
  2. After you click Lookup, the user's name will be highlighted in blue below the name fields. If it does not either the user is not in Brightspace or you have misspelled the name.
  • You may also click on Populate to see a list of other instructors teaching the same subject.Shows the found user and the Populate button.
  1. When you have the person you want, highlighted in blue, click the Submit button in the last column.Shows the confirmation information and Submit button.
NOTE: If you want to change the access level of someone who is already in the course, contact LSC-Online staff through VTAC chat.