Print a Copy of the Final Exam

The quickest and best way to print an exam with answers is to use Respondus 4.0, a test generation application supported by LSC-Online.

See Install or Update Respondus 4.0 & StudyMate Author for installation information.

  1. Select the "Retrieval" tab and click Retrieve Questions.
    Identifies the Retrieval tab and the Retrieve Questions button.
  2. Select the D2L server that you have previously configured.
    Displays Server options.
  3. Select your online course from the pull-down list, and then select the quiz you want to retrieve. Enter a name for the exam being downloaded then click Next.
    Identifies Quiz options
  4.  A few moments later you will receive a prompt that the exam has been downloaded. Click Finish.
    Identifies the Success notification and the Finish button.
  5. Click on the "Preview & Publish" tab at the top. Select the "Print Options" tab on the left, then select Exam with Answer Key option.
    Identifies the Preview & Publish tab, the Print Options tab and the Exam with Answer Key option.
  6. Click either Send to Printer to print the exam directly from Respondus or Save to File to save your exam in Microsoft Word or rich-text format.
    Shows the Print Preview, Save to File and Send to Printer buttons.
  7. To save as a file, choose the desired file format from the Save as Type menu.
    Identifies the file types to choose from when saving.
NOTE: Some media files and HTML cannot be printed, and certain images may print poorly. It is recommended that you check the printed exam before submitting it to your department.

See Respondus 4.0 Guides & Videos for more instructions on using the program.